Child Sponsorship

Your sponsorship of a child in Burma provides hope, educational aid, and monthly material support. Through direct correspondence, you can share prayer, praises, and establish a life-time relationship.

Leaders development

Vision Myanmar works in areas of intense persecution, finding religious, community workers , school teachers, and others already serving the persecuted people in their own area. Sponsorship pledges help these hard-working men and women with basic needs, housing, transport support, and provide tremendous spiritual and personal encouragement.



Prayerfully consider becoming a friend to a Burmese Christian “Urban Refugee” family in Thailand, Malaysia, or India through a sponsorship of $100 per month.

Refugee Students

You can help a student get an education.


About haft a million Burmese people in Burma and in refugees’ camps in India, Thailand, and Malaysia suffer unspeakable hardships because of their faith, their identity and the war in Burma. Yet many people are unaware of the cruel conditions endured by minorities and Christians.

Famine Relief in Burma

In February 1, 2021, Burmese military took power rejecting the result of the election results that led the Burmese people peaceful demonstrations throughout the country. The UN expert predict 25 million of Burmese people could be starving as the military continue to crackdown on the public.


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