We carry out advocacy, development programs that benefit vulnerable children, youth, and families in Myanmar and among Myanmar refugees.

We are committed to freedom, justice, peace, development to overcoming poverty.

We believe that the solutions to the regional, national and global challenges we face demand the free exchange of ideas and thought, and that everyone should have a voice in shaping the policies and that affect them. 

We have a special focus on supporting those who face discrimination and persecution purely for who they are and what they belief.


Our Mission:

  •  aids, equips, advocates for Burmese who are oppressed or persecuted for their faith and who they are.
  •  provides physical, psychological, and spiritual help for suffering Burmese to live in dignity and rise above their circumstances.
  •  offers ways for Burmese to ease the burdens of persecuted Burmese through training, action, and giving. 

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